Florida Fails to Deliver Useful Testing Schedule

Florida is now saying they will not have test results until sometime next fall, partially due to the process used in computing “cut scores.”

I thought these tests are supposed to be used to “inform instruction.” Isn’t that what they keep telling us? How do they “inform instruction” when the results aren’t available for MONTHS???

When I take a computer based certification test, I get my score IMMEDIATELY – on the screen, with a copy sent to a printer.  The difference?  No Dept. of Ed, scamming the scores.  Ahem… I mean, “computing cut scores.”

New Florida law will delay school test results for months

“Once the cut scores are set, Stewart said, the reporting of results should return to the early summer, as in the past.”

How is that better?  Those results still do NOTHING to “inform instruction,” and can only be used to sort students and build data banks.

Education Commissioner Pam Stewart says test scores could be delayed eight months.

FL Education Commissioner Pam Stewart

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