KCS Testing

This page is dedicated to YOUR testing experiences (SAT10 or otherwise) in Knox County Schools.

Some Knox County Board of Education members have said that they are not hearing from their constituents – and/or that their communities “really want” excessive testing. But that is not what we hear from parents, teachers, and students. Our Board of Education needs to understand that we are holding them accountable. One way to do that, is to gather evidence, in an easily accessible place, where everyone can see it. Please help me, by sending any emails you have sent to your Board members regarding SAT10 (with dates and info on which BOE members you contacted, please) as well as personal accounts of how this testing has impacted your family.

Stories from Knox County parents and teachers may be shared here without fear of retaliation or retribution. Any obviously personally identifiable information will be removed before posting. (Even if you include your real name, I will remove it.) If you are sharing an email that you have sent to a Board of Education member, please include the name of the BOE member (or “all”) and/or your district.

If you use the comments section (below) to add your story, it will ask for your email address. Those are never published. You may also send your story via email, to TardySlip@OwenWebs.com, and I will remove all personal information before pasting the story here.

I recommend writing your story in a text document and saving it so that you will have a record of what you shared, as well as documentation that you might want to use in the future. But mainly, because it can be heartbreaking to spill your story onto the page and then have some kind of connection error that causes you to lose it all.

Since this is my website, I do have a couple of tiny rules:

1. Keep it civil
2. I reserve the right not to post anything I find to be purposefully inflammatory or untrue.