AZ Educators Want Special Session

In Arizona, Educators have dealt with severe underfunding for long enough. According to Arizona courts, the legislature has failed to fully fund a voter-approved inflation formula for 5 straight years.  The legislature owes $331 MILLION per year – and it is due now. 

Not surprisingly, the legislature doesn’t want to pay up. Some think that delaying payments will give them time to figure out a way to never pay up. 

That’s pretty sorry, Arizona. 

This Stinks PooUnderfunding schools by millions, being found out and ordered to pay it, yet STILL trying to keep money out of schools (even though you have it readily available) is pretty stinky. 


“Parents are tired of excuses, tired of stall tactics,” Johnson said. “The governor and Legislature must demonstrate their commitment to our children today, not wait until next year or the year after that or the year after that.”

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Arizona educators demand special legislative session